The most modern scanner in Argentina in port matters has a 6MeV scanning system, unique vision, designed for the control of trucks and containers. The X-ray system is kept stationary and the vehicles inspected move through the X-ray beam at a scan speed ranging from 3 km / h to 15 km / h, the nominal speed is 5 km / h. The equipment is extremely safe for drivers, operators and cargo, the driver's cabin and its occupants are never exposed to high-energy X-rays. It provides a high definition of radioscopy image of the inspected vehicles to detect the threatening material, facilitated by the discrimination of organic and inorganic material. With a maximum theoretical scanning capacity of 100/110 containers per hour.

In the images you can see the cabins of the scanner operators and the infrastructure where it will be installed. Together with the same they have entered in containers the rest of the elements that compose it, to proceed with their installation.